Vocal Lioness, Pia Toscano Returns Releasing ‘I’m Good’ and Illuminates the Spotlight with Her Debut Album

By: Gregg Keniston

A woman with the voice of an angel never could quite catch the break she so clearly deserved. Auditioning for season 10 of American Idol respectively, Pia Toscano became a fan favorite and was deemed one of the most shocking eliminations in the show’s history.

During her time on the show, Toscano captivated the audience with a voice that rang through television speakers like a siren song. With songs like “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen and “River Deep, Mountain High” by Ike & Tina Turner, she showcased how powerful and stunning she truly could be on stage. Now Pia is back with a vengeance to bring her bombastic flair and powerhouse vocal prowess to the world. Only a week after being released, I’m Good has garnered an earworm-like quality in my ear and I believe many to follow soon.

I’m Good, debuts with “No,” the ultimate warrior record. It presents itself as though “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera became a ballad with an amazing crescendo. The song sets free any frustrations and internal battles either the singer herself or the listener may have or relate with.

Following up the confidence anthem, “What If We, an introspective message which reflects on both personalities of a relationship. Questioning as the chorus goes on playing, “what if we, were like each other…,” Toscano sings of pondering that maybe both parties should attempt to fix one another or, meet someone more alike to each their own. However, in the last line of the chorus, it is realized that they are both better off being themselves and in another world “would never be” because of who they are as individuals; accepting being happy as they are together and standing solo in the mirror.

Pia Toscano made a declaration on this album and the title track, “I’m Good,” proves it. She has let all her worries, history, and life lessons, not only shape the woman and artist she has become. She will not be identified by those downfalls, rather, the song exclaims that she has found a way to turn herself into a fierce phoenix rising to claim her prize. “I’m Good” defies every ounce of negativity within Toscano’s life and allows her vocals to shine bright and push the same energy forward for her listeners.

“Walk Through the Fire” continues that defiance and strength with more of a ballad sound than that of its pop-dance predecessor. She proclaims she will fight hard and win to conquer any obstacle crossing her path. It is exciting and empowering for those who have been knocked down and might not know how to get back up. This song shows that the only way to win is to keep on taking life as it comes and making every day count. The album comes with an extended version to truly capitalize on the emotion the song pours out.

“Thin Air” acts as a stand-alone track. It speaks volumes of love and how overpowering it can be. With a soothing drumbeat, love conquers all beats on in every heart. The song shows, however, that it is no easy task to take hold of but, if allowed, you can watch all the bad evaporate into thin air. Each of us must be willing and able to take on that mission for a piece of true happiness.

“Break In” is a personal favorite as the lyrics are both heartfelt and true with that one love that is inexplicably defiant of all logic and typical reason. That special someone just reaches into your soul and being in stealing your heart, encapsulating it in a glass square. As the song plays though, the singer and listener alike question how it came to be but, are content with the feelings happening around them.

The final two tracks are straight-up party anthems. “Girls Night” gets the glitz and glam ready for a night on the town as the perfect remedy to get over the deflating or pain of rejection or a break up. Toscano samples in a clever tongue-in-cheek fashion too, that she’s now “living her best life” as a way to reverse any unnecessary drama or negativity going on in her life.

”Simon Sez” is self-reflective on her experience so far within the industry but, Pia is now able to dance off all the side effects and stresses of the business to make the coming successes all her own. “Everybody’s like robots, in an assembly line. They don’t ever give no f**ks…” The song speaks to how the artist may feel like they are creating something of their own accord, however, when all is said and done; you are still to do as executives say – not as they do. Pia Toscano is not about to give in to any more proclamations and demands. The artistry she portrays is enough to defy all expectations of a typical artist with or without the traditional backing of labels and managers while moving and grooving to her own beat.

We were blessed with a sample of Pia Toscano over 12 years ago. Now I’m Good, represents a culmination of strength, willpower, and courage; that only an artist who hungers for the spotlight and their artistic image can bring forth. This artist, this woman, has now proven that there will be no backing down for her and her future fortune. She has a voice that will light up the world and will not be silenced any longer. You will never grow tired of this album or the artist who created it. Be sure to download I’m Good immediately.

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